Our consultation via video chat

*Currently only available for former Alpha patients. New patients can be advised on general medical questions.

A brand-new service we offer: consultation-hours via video chat.

This provides you with an even better access to medical advice and treatments. In our video-consultation we are able to:

  • learn about your medical history and make a quick assessment of your current health problems.
  • make a diagnosis.
  • give advice about medical conditions and questions about medical topics.
  • give a prescription for drugs you need.
  • give out incapacity certificates, if necessary.
  • initiate further medical therapy.


Assessing your medical history

The first step of every medical treatment is a profound assessment of your medical history. This helps our doctors with the proper evaluation of your current conditions. Visible manifestations can be presented to the doctor directly via video chat.

Making a diagnosis

Many conditions can be safely diagnosed via video consultation. In most of these cases, our doctors can initiate a treatment too.

Giving medical advice

Sometimes, answering questions about diseases, complaints or therapies is already a help. Our video chat is a simple and easy way to get quick answers by competent doctors.

Making out prescriptions

In case of being able to make a diagnosis, our doctors can prescribe necessary drugs as well and mail the prescription directly to you. Moreover, with your agreement, we can fax the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice and you will receive your medication on the same day.

Medikamente in Verpackung

Giving out incapacity certificates

Besides medical prescriptions we can hand out incapacity certificates as well as certificates of absence for your child’s school. All certificates will be mailed to you immediately.

How it works

1) Call our main office

Phone number of the Rhine-Main area
Phone number of the Nuremberg area

2) Make an appointment with a doctor

3) Participate in our video consultation via computer, smartphone or tablet

Compatible browsers: 

browser firefoxMozilla Firefox

browser chrome Google Chrome

Incompatible browsers:

browser explorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer

browser safariApple Safari

To find out, if you meet the technical requirements to participate in our video chat, click on the following link:

Technical test

Download the free app "Patientus" for Apple or Android:



Costs of our consultation via video-chat

The costs of our video consultation depend on the urgency of your concern:

Video chat on the same day: 42,90 €*
Urgent video chat within 2 hours: 65,29 €* 
*Prices are valid from Monday to Friday from 6am until 8pm. Additional off-time costs result from the German medical fee schedule.

Consultation costs also contain the costs for giving out a prescription. Normally, your private health insurance will reimburse you for the consultation costs and an incapacity certificate.

In some cases, additional treatment or consultation effort will carry additional costs. These costs are defined by the German medical fee schedule and will be reimbursed by your private health insurance as well.

Limitations of our video consultation

Many questions about your medical conditions can be answered sufficiently via video chat with our doctors. Sometimes, however, the physical presence of a doctor will be necessary. For those cases, we will help you find a competent doctor nearby. Needless to say, that you can also see one of our Alpha doctors at your place.

A general consultation via video chat will, of course, be possible in any case.