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The Alpha Doctors‘ service offering focuses on swift help in emergencies and if you experience any other medical symptoms – right on site at your home, at your workplace, or at your hotel. In addition, we have other valuable service offerings to help ensure the preservation and promotion of your health.

What we offer:

The comprehensive qualifications of our experience physicians are employed to your benefit in a wide range of areas. Here is a brief summary of our service offerings:

  • House calls and emergency medical services
  • Basic health check-up
  • Home pain relief therapy
  • Medication review
  • Palliative medicine
  • Emergency training at home

Below please find detailed information on the individual services we offer.

House calls and emergency medical services

Our house call and emergency medical service is the key service offered by Alpha Doctors. If you experience any kind of medical symptoms, our doctors will visit you at your home – or wherever you happen to be at the time you require medical assistance. We help both in urgent emergencies and whenever you have any other medical problems requiring medical assistance.

Basic health check-up

Thanks to our mobile medical equipment, we are always positioned to perform a basic health check-up at your home. Our physician will thoroughly examine your key body functions, providing you with solid information on the state of your health. Our check-up examination can provide valuable pointers towards possible health problems. If a disease is identified at an early stage, our physician can initiate appropriate remedial action in good time.

Alpha Doctors: medical care at home

Identification of diseases at as early a stage as possible facilitates recovery and maintains life satisfaction. Our physician will allow for ample time for your basic health check-up. The detailed patient briefing can be held at leisure in the comfortable atmosphere of your home. We will arrange for any blood and urine samples taken during the basic check-up routine to be swiftly analysed in our lab.

The scope of the check-up examination depends on your age and whether you have any pre-existing conditions. If there is a genetic predisposition in your family for specific diseases, our physician will take this information into account. Should additional examinations prove to be necessary, we will issue a referral to a specialist.

Home pain relief therapy

Pain is a widespread ailment: Millions of people suffer from chronic pain regularly or at certain intervals. For pain relief therapy to be effective, it is necessary for the attending physician to have a detailed understanding of your specific condition. Treatment in the comfort zone of your home is frequently an advantage. This saves you exhausting trips to the medical practice or to the hospital, and allows you to stay within your familiar environment. Often this makes it easier to set up an effective treatment schedule that is fine-tuned to your individual pain history.

Review of your medication dosage

Advancing age, a change of living circumstances, and illnesses make it necessary to review your medication dosages at regular intervals. Possibly your dose needs to be readjusted in order to ensure an effective therapy. Unfortunately, reviewing medication dosages is an aspect frequently neglected.

  • Especially if you regularly take a number of different drugs, a medication review requires a great deal of experience.
  • The Alpha Doctors are happy to perform this crucial medical service for you.
  • Of course, this review can be performed at your home for your convenience.

Our physician will perform all necessary examinations at your home. Thanks to our sophisticated software, we always have our eye on any potential undesired pharmacological interactions. Such interactions may arise whenever you take more than one drug simultaneously.

Alpha Doctors take an review of your medication dosage

Palliative medicine

If you are suffering from a serious disease such as incurable cancer, it is especially crucial to set up a course of therapy that is precisely adjusted to your individual needs. Allowing you or your relatives to stay in familiar surroundings often makes it so much easier to cope with the difficult situation. Our Doctors are happy to administer palliative medical care. This involves our paying regular visits to the patient at his or her home. Needless to say, our care palliative care services are provided in close co-operation with all other attending medical professionals.

When administering palliative medical care, our main focus is to maintain as high a quality of life for the patient as possible. One key aspect is pain relief. Your individual requirements with regard to medical treatment are our first priority. Our physicians adapt any course of action to those needs.

Emergency training at home

An emergency training may be important if there are people around you who are particularly vulnerable to health risks:

  • Family members suffering from chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases or asthma
  • Elderly and frail individuals
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Small children

Our physicians are happy to call at your home and give you an individual emergency training. They will show you all necessary steps and procedures that are necessary for first aid and life-saving action. They can also give advice on how to compile an emergency kit for your home.

We are only a phone call away

If you wish to benefit from one of our medical services, simply give us a call. Our experienced team will discuss all relevant facts with you. A house call by one of our physicians will then be scheduled.

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