Experienced physicians for house calls

Our emergency medical service is available for house calls at any time

A good doctor is not always easy to find – especially for treatment at home, at the workplace, or at a hotel. The Alpha Doctors have a team of highly qualified medical professionals who make house calls around the clock in many areas of Germany. Because your health is our mission. We are here to help both patients with private healthcare insurance and patients with statutory healthcare insurance alike.

House calls 7 days a week – including weekends

It is generally not beneficial for patients to struggle out of their home when they are suffering from a medical condition. That is why our emergency doctors come straight to your home. This eliminates both tedious waits in a medical practice and visits to the emergency medical centre.

  • Our experienced physicians make house calls for all type of medical condition. This can range from a “simple” common cold all the way to serious illnesses.
  • If you need medical help, simply phone our on-call emergency medical service. Our Dispatch Centre will send out a doctor qualified to treat your particular ailment as quickly as possible.
  • Our physician will examine and treat you in the confidentiality of your own home, without long waiting times.

And on the important subject of medication: Our physicians always carry a stock of drugs known from experience to be those most frequently required by patients. In addition, our private healthcare emergency medical service is also happy to issue medical certificates and statements of incapacity for work on request.

Our medical services at a glance

  • Available for patients 24 hours a day
  • House calls also on weekends and public holidays
  • Specialists for the major branches of medical practice
  • Diagnostics and therapy pursuant to state-of-the-art procedures of modern medicine
  • Excellent alternative to general emergency medical services
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On-call service with excellent equipment

When making house calls, all members of our emergency medical service proceed according to a uniform, tried and proven concept. Thanks to regular training courses, they invariably carry out examinations and treatment in accordance with the latest advancements in medicine.

  • We use an advanced rapid diagnostic test system to rule out life-threatening diseases.
  • When making house calls, our friendly doctors come equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments such as ultrasound and ECG devices.
  • Blood samples and swabs taken from the patients are sent to our medical laboratories for analysis. The results are generally available either the same day or overnight. This also applies for public holidays or weekends.

In some cases, it is not possible to administer the treatment you require on site. In this case, our physician will recommend a specialist practice or a suitable hospital.

What should you do in an acute emergency?

Our private healthcare emergency medical service makes house calls at any time to patients whose condition does not allow for postponement of treatment. As an alternative, you can also arrange for a relative to take you straight to the general emergency medical service of the association of statutory healthcare insurance physicians, the general emergency medical service, or the A&E unit of a hospital. In acutely life-threatening cases, please immediately phone the paramedics under the general emergency number 112. They can be on site fastest.

Treatment for patients with private healthcare insurance and direct payers

  • If you have private healthcare insurance, the costs for our house calls and home treatment will generally be reimbursed.
  • Patients with statutory healthcare insurance and other self-paying patients pay only the amount of 180 Euros for a one-off house call by one of our physicians (GKV-180 Programme).

Note for patients with statutory healthcare insurance and self-paying patients: After the initial examination, our specialist physician may find that a reliable diagnosis and effective therapy require additional measures. Should this be the case, the doctor will discuss the further course of action with you. Because every house call made by the Alpha private healthcare house call and emergency medical service has one top priority: the health of the patient.

Alpha Doctors: There is always a good physician available

“Can you recommend a good doctor?” – is a question you will often hear. Patients of the Alpha private healthcare house call and emergency medical service can give a clear answer based on their own experience. Time-consuming search procedures on the Internet to find a doctor are a thing of the past. If you are taken ill, you can always contact our on-call emergency medical service through our telephone number. Another tip: For detailed information on us and our doctors, simply browse through this website or go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).