Course of treatment

What happens after you have called us?

During your telephone call, the experienced staff at our Dispatch Centre record all information related to your symptoms. This enables our physicians to prepare in advance for their house call. We appreciate as detailed a description as possible of your medical problem.
After your call has been received, our Dispatch Centre will send a physician to your home as quickly as possible. Our colleagues are employed exclusively in emergency medical and house call services and travel the field in their own car.

Physical examination

Physicians on house calls, of course, try to maintain the highest possible degree of confidentiality and discretion. Once on site, he will harness the full breadth of his experience to analyse your condition. In most cases he will be able to accurately diagnose your disease.

  • The members or our medical team come equipped with all instruments needed to perform the necessary examinations, including mobile ultrasound and ECG devices.
  • Our physicians use advanced rapid diagnostic tests enabling them to rule out life-threatening diseases.
  • Furthermore, they are also equipped to take blood samples and swabs if necessary, allowing as accurate as possible a diagnosis in cases of doubt.

Blood samples and swabs are analysed in our labs the same day or overnight. This way, we can share the results with you much faster than is the case in many medical practices. 

Lab testing: the results are generally avaibale the same day or overnight

If needed, our doctors can provide you with a necessary prescription

Our doctor will discuss the diagnosis in detail with you. He will give you medical instructions to ensure swift recovery. In addition, he will prescribe any drugs you may require.

Sometimes a house call is not the end of the story

Of course, we are happy to return for repeat visits to ensure your speedy recovery if required. Some illnesses, however, cannot be treated at home. In this case you will be issued with a referral to a specialist physician or to a hospital. Needless to say, we will advise you when selecting the appropriate medical institution for your ongoing or follow-up treatment.

Feel free to call us at any time

Our Dispatch Centre is on duty 24/7 – even on public holidays.